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Working Tunes

I’m in the midst of a mindless horror at work right now – weeding out two-thirds of the rows in a 2166-row Excel spreadsheet by manually comparing nine individuals columns (out of about 21). Yes, _this_ is excitement in all its raw form and power. Oh, see! I think I just had a goosebump.

So, I’m doing the only thing I _can_ do and still retain some hope of sanity – the iPod Nano is plugged into my ears while Michael Buble croons away. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Michael Buble actually helps maintain sanity – for _some_ of us old geezers, anyway. Oh, hey, and there’s FFH. And I _know_ I’ve got some Marty O’Donnell mixed in there.

Suddenly, this project doesn’t look _quite_ so painful.

Halo Main Themes Remixed – Over, and Over, and Over Again

I’m all for musicians “rendering their own remixed versions”:http://halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=18094 of the Halo Main themes. They’re great pieces of music, and it’s huge amounts of fun to see how artists impress their own styles, flavors, and tastes onto these familiar tunes. What I would _love_ to see, however, is an expansion into all the other musical themes from these games. Marty O’Donnell has produced a wealth of great musical content with these soundtracks, setting up some wonderful templates for other musicians to reproduce and flavor with their own styles. So, it would be fantastic to see some of these reproductions branch out to the various other tracks to see what kind of new and interesting work can be produced. Heck, with a little collaborative effort with ‘the man’ himself, I’d even be willing to bet that completely remixed version of these soundtrack albums could be produced and marketed for the musicians industrious enough to take that challenge to task. I know _I’d_ pay money for something like that.

Music To Work By

I love to listen to music when I work, whether it be writing one of my stories or crunching numbers at work or picking out stalls in the barn. It gets me groovin’ and gives my mind something to do while I work. It helps me focus, and I find that I’m generally ten times more productive when I have the right music jammin’ in my headphones then when I have no music playing at all. There’s something about music that just makes me feel mellow and relaxed, and my productivity levels shoot right up.

I’ve found that my favorite working music these days is the “Halo 2: Vol. 1”:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00067RF6E/sr=8-2/qid=1146679474/ref=sr_1_2/002-2355543-8815212?%5Fencoding=UTF8 soundtrack. Marty O’Donnell really outdid himself when he created such a memorable soundtrack for the vidoe game. I play through the disc as many as three or four times a day while I’m working. It’s playing right now, in fact, while I wait for database queries to run. If you haven’t heard this soundtrack, you should check it out, even if you have never played the game. I guarantee you’ll like it.

Now to get my hands on “Vol. 2”:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EZ8ZXK/ref=bxgy_cc_text_a/002-2355543-8815212?%5Fencoding=UTF8.

What’s your favorite music to work to?