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Cracked Heels

One of the things I get to look forward to every year, thanks to the combination of cold weather and heavy gear, is the skin on my hands and feet turning into arid deserts. It never used to be a problem, but apparently part of getting older is having a body that suddenly finds new and interesting ways to make life miserable. This seems to be my newest curse.

My feet get it especially bad, drying up and cracking so badly that they make the Shattered Plains look welcoming by comparison. I usually end up with heels that are almost scaly and that are extremely painful to walk, which is bad news for someone who A) works at a standing desk all day, and B) owns and operates a farm.

Desperate, I ran a Google search the other day to find solutions for this problem and stumbled across one that seemed like it might be helpful. It involved using a callus remover to literally file most of the dry, cracked skin off my feet, making the Tweet below almost prophetic in nature, and applying a liberal coat of Flexitol ointment twice a day to help the skin heal (no pun intended).

I’m on Day Two of this treatment now, and my feet already feel remarkably better. There are still a couple of small cracks that annoy me from time to time, usually when I shift my weight the wrong direction, but overall I’m pleased with how easy the treatment ended up being. I’m hoping that in a couple more days I won’t even be able to tell my feet ever had problems — and I’ll be keeping both file and ointment close at hand.