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Working with Snippets

One of the things I have noticed over the past couple of days, as I work on tweaking various things here, is that I really don’t like working with the ’em’ tag for formatting font size and line height. For one thing Firefox and Internet Explorer handle it differently, and you end up with two very different looks. I’ve taken to changing ’em’ everywhere I see it in my style sheet to the ‘pt’ format. I think ‘pt’ is much easier to use, much more flexible, and much easier to control. I can create the same look across browsers, rather than the mess that results when I need to switch browsers. I know that ’em’ is supposed to be this revolutionary coding style for Web 2.0, but for me it creates more headaches than it cures. I’m still not entirely happy with the look of my site, but then again, I’m not quite done tweaking the code.

Something else I’m learning is that, when you are installing new plugins into your web site, make sure you read _all_ the documentation first. It’s usually good to know ahead of time what features the plugin touts, what they do, and what they are supposed to look like in all their various iterations. I could have saved myself a few minutes of work this morning if only I’d read the part about the Captcha! being deactivated for registered users (I couldn’t find it to it test it until I logged out). So, read that documentation first, then do the install. It generally makes everything go a lot more smoothly.