Aside from writing dark fiction, creating website designs, and snapping photographs, there are other projects in which I invest my creative efforts.



Reclaimer is an online graphic novel that I started in October 2007. It’s based on the popular Halo video game series, developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft for Xbox. Reclaimer is set in an alternate Haloverse and involves a new hero and a new villain. It was my goal to make use of the theatre system in Halo 3 — and, later, Halo: Reach — to write an original story that anyone — not just Halo fans — could read and enjoy, while also exploring what was for me, at the time, a new storytelling medium. The series has run in fits and starts over the years, due to life events overtaking me, but Reclaimer is now in its final run up to the finale, which should take place later in 2013.


I maintain a somewhat sporadic presence over on Ficly, a site for storytelling where everything you write is limited to a maximum length of 1024 characters. It’s a challenging format because it forces concise storytelling by requiring authors to focus on the really important elements of their stories. There is an interactive and collaborative component to the site, as well, by allowing other authors to add sequels or prequels to things you’ve written. Ficly is for me, as often as not, a kind of scratchpad where the seeds for other, larger stories are born.


Tied the Leader is a group of gamers that organized during the days of Halo 2 with an emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and goodwill. I have been a member of TTL since a short time after its inception and currently contribute to the TTL blog under the moniker of TTL Demag0gue (my Xbox Live gamertag).

dbo is a fan site dedicated to chronicling community news items centering around Bungie’s latest franchise, Destiny. I curate the fan fiction portion of the site.

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