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Darkfall: Oracle of Ages – Episode 6

June 2, 2010 in Podcast

The first half of the third session of “Darkfall: Oracle of Ages.” The party faces down another group of savage Bullywugs, including a fire-belching Mud Lord. Mayrik’s spirit companion (lovingly dubbed ‘Bob’) takes quite a beating, much to May’s chagrin and detriment. The party also finds a set of strange objects that literally need puzzling out.

Jim Stitzel as the Dungeon Master
Liz as Caremita, the Eladrin Psion
Kristen as Mayrik, the Razorclaw Shifter Druid|Shaman
Jesse as Alaston, the Human Ranger
Joe as Chorazin, the Human Monk
Karley as Trayanor, the Half-elf Paladin

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