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Story-Based Class Changes

May 10, 2010 in Adventure

“There is a flash of light in the room and Mayrik suddenly reappears. The flash catches everyone’s attention, and as you look, Mayrik lifts her head. Heroes and enemies alike are taken aback by the change in her appearance and demeanor. Her eyes flare briefly with primal light, almost like purple burning flames. She seems changed in other, non-visible ways — and she is now accompanied by a Spirit Companion.”

In our group, we have five players covering three roles — one Defender, two Strikers, and two Controllers. Our first session together made it clear that the lack of a Leader made healing in combat a lot more difficult. The Paladin has some limited ability to heal, but two uses of Lay on Hands isn’t necessarily enough to get a party through a particularly intense encounter. Fortunately, I have a very flexible group of players, and the Druid volunteered to modify her character so the party could have a little extra healing clout during combat.

The trouble was that the party had been locked in this dungeon with no opportunity for release until the quest’s completion, and I knew that the hardest encounters were yet to come, so there was no way the Druid would be able to find a way to receive new training without help. So of course a supernatural solution presented itself.

The party had just completed clearing a cavern of some rather pesky rat swarms. The original story I’d planned for the party was to have them make a couple of skill checks in order to cross a deep hole in the floor, but once the Druid volunteered to modify her class, I decided to change tack.

Just as the party slew their final rat (Trayanor crushed it beneath his armored boot), they found themselves magically whisked away to random locations in another part of the dungeon. There’s always a catch, though, and this case was no exception. The party discovered, much to their chagrin, that the process of being teleported so unexpectedly left them dazed. To make matters worse, they had been teleported right into combat. And to make matters even worse, they had reappeared minus their Druid.

First round of combat was rough for our heroes as they struggled to shake off the disorienting effects of being yanked so violently across space. A couple of them had ranged attacks and so were still able to inflict a little pain on their enemies. Once past the first round of combat, however, the action paused briefly as a brilliant flash of light lit the room, and the scenario above played out. The Druid had been transformed into a Hybrid Druid|Shaman by an unknown source, adding a bit of extra healing power for the party. Of course, there are more than likely other implications from this transformation, but that’s a story for another time.

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  1. Nice flavor text. :)