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Darkfall: Oracle of Ages – Episode 5

May 14, 2010 in Podcast

Session Two of “Darkfall: Oracle of Ages.” The party experiences a shocking incident from the outset and face several bands of monsters while pushing deeper into the Darkfall Manor vault.

Jim Stitzel as the Dungeon Master
Liz as Caremita, the Eladrin Psion
Kristen as Mayrik, the Razorclaw Shifter Druid|Shaman
Jesse as Alaston, the Human Ranger
Joe as Chorazin, the Human Monk
Karley as Trayanor, the Half-elf Paladin

2 responses to Darkfall: Oracle of Ages – Episode 5

  1. It's nice to see a group of classes fitted with varying races (and not the staples).


    • Jim said on May 27, 2010

      That's one of the nice things about letting my players create their characters via the Character Builder. I think it makes it easier to create characters that aren't bound to stereotypes.