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Mass Effect: Peak 15

I found a ‘small’ glitch in Mass Effect the other day while playing the Noveria mission. There’s a point where you have to go to the Peak 15 facility to track down Matriarch Benezia, but I discovered that, if you do things out of order there — like breaking into the secure lab through the front door, having to shoot all the guards in the place, and then blowing the neutron charge before making the cure — all the NPCs in Peak 15 disappear and you can’t complete the mission. Good thing I’m paranoid about having multiple — and frequent — save points.

The Right to Bear Assault Rifles

I just saw a post on Facebook that, apparently, there are those who are saying that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to assault rifles because they were invented after that amendment was written. Even if it’s a myth, it’s a specious argument. I tend to think, if anything, there are similar grounds for banning or restricting assault rifles as there as, say, rocket launchers and grenades. The right to bear arms does not, in my opinion, mean the right to bear ALL arms. And don’t get me wrong — I support the right to bear arms, but I do agree that we, as a country, need to revisit the way our gun laws are written.

We’re on a warming trend here in the Midwest. It’s 38 degrees right now, and after the last several weeks, this feels like a welcome reprieve. As a farming family, we know that the cold and snow is necessary (to kill off bugs and cause certain fruit-bearing plants to actually set fruit in the coming year), but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Halo 4 Begins

Started playing Halo 4 today. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the game yet. It’s definitely not a Bungie title — but then again, I never expected it to be, so I’m not really disappointed in that regard. I enjoyed the gameplay up to the initial Forerunner planet explorations I was able to make it to today. Storytelling doesn’t have, in my opinion, quite the polish and _panache_ its predecessors have had, but the visuals are breathtaking. I’m looking forward to delving further into the game soon.

Facebook Sorts Nothing

So, Facebook has apparently decided to completely ignore the fact that they offer a “Sort: Most Recent” option for my News Feed, and instead, are now just showing me whatever the heck they want to because they seem to think — based on whatever crap algorithm their ‘genius’ programmers have written — that they know better than I do what items I want to see. This is nearly as useful as Google’s Importance indicators for Gmail, which are just as useless.

I kind of hate this company.