Of Search Bars and Series Links

Ok, kids, Basic Web Design 101. First, if you’re going to run a blog-type website, it needs to have a search bar — that works! If you neglect to include a way for readers to easily search for and locate content on your site, then don’t be too disappointed when they can’t search for and find content on your site. Second, if you’re going to write a series of posts on a particular topic, each post in that series needs to include a link to every other post in the series (or, at the very least, links to scroll through the series in sequence). It’s just basic courtesy so your readers aren’t forced to do a search (with a form that may or may not exist) to find the rest of the parts in the series. Make it as easy as possible for readers to find the content they’re looking for, otherwise you risk losing traffic you might otherwise be able to keep.

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