That Free iPhone 5 Thing? Yes, It Really Is a Scam.

For the love of Pete, people. That free iPhone 5 thing that keeps going around on Facebook? It’s a hoax, a scam, a spammy link-bait lie designed to generate social currency so some chucklehead can then go and sell the page to the highest bidder, who can then change the content of the page and target you with marketing you don’t want to see. I mean, think about it. With a product like the iPhone, that any company is happy to accept on returns, exchanges, and upgrades to reburbish, repackage, and resell, why would they bother to give away free iPhones just because someone took the shrink wrap off the box? Simple answer: they wouldn’t, and they don’t. So please stop helping the scammers and stop reposting the link. The only ones with something to gain here are the scammers.

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