Next-Gen Xbox Reveal Coming Soon

Microsoft revealed the news the other day that the announcement for the next generation Xbox console has been scheduled for May 21. This is good news for gaming enthusiasts, particularly in light of the recent scuttlebutt over rumors that the next Xbox will have an “always on” requirement (a DRM enforcement measure), meaning that an Internet connection will be required in order to play games. Such a move on Microsoft’s part could have a devastating impact not only on gamers, many of whom do not have reliable Internet access, but also on its own business interests, as an “always on” requirement will both diminish the size of its potential user base and likely cause previously loyal gamers to jump ship in favor of other consoles that do not have similar requirements.

Then comes a rumor supporting the rumors that the “always on” requirement is, indeed, accurate but that it is not as draconian as gamers would believe, a counterintuitive statement to be sure. Whatever the truth actually is, all eyes will be on the reveal broadcast in May.

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