Curveball Conspiracy

Some of the fiction I have archived here under my Stories category originated as part of a project several years ago called The Curveball Conspiracy. Curveball was then hosted on an older form of Blogger before Google acquired it, and it was the brain-child of one Michael O’Mahoney. The premise of the project was that photographers would submit unique, interesting, and frequently oddballish images which would, in turn, serve as the inspiration for a pool of writers for stories that are a sidestep away from reality. The project ran from March to September 2006 before O’Mahoney gave it up, and Curveball languished into obscurity.

Until now.

With Michael’s permission, I’ve decided to resurrect Curveball Conspiracy under it’s own domain, on the WordPress platform, and with a fresh coat of paint. And thanks to the marvels of internet archiving (thanks to the Wayback Machine), I was even able to recover those original story archives.

What Curveball Conspiracy needs now is a pool of photographers and writers to get the project limping along again. I’ve already pulled a photo from my own library and added some words to it (see Fowl Play), but we definitely need other enthusiastic individuals to get involved to keep Curveball alive and energetic. If it sounds like something you’re interested in, then go check out the Curveball Manifesto and then email to express your interest.

Have anything to add to the conversation?