And hey, while I’m on the topic of rants, a friend’s Facebook status inspired the following comment, and I felt like it probably deserved its own post.

I’ve noticed that store receipts seem to be getting longer and longer lately — and only 25-30% of the receipt lists the actual purchase. The rest is coupons, links for surveys, legal disclaimers, and other worthless garbage. It actually really irritates how much paper stores waste on such pointless minutia, particularly since very few people actually look at their receipts or keep them for much longer than it takes to get out of the store. A couple of stores have actually started printing receipts on both sides of the paper, but it still seems like an extravagant waste. Personally, I’d love to see more stores going to email receipts or some other similar electronic equivalent. I shudder to think how many trees we cut down every year just so people can toss them into the trash.

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