Hiding Facebook’s App Ticker

Facebook has rolled yet another obnoxious feature with no user option to disable it — the App Ticker. Apparently, some folks have seen it for a week or so now, but it only just showed up on my profile today. I’ve been using the wonderful Facebook Fixer script for the Greasemonkey addon to tweak the way my Facebook looks, but they haven’t rolled out an update to deal with the App Ticker. Fortunately, Facebook Fixer has a custom CSS area, so I used Firebug to identify and remove the elements of the App Ticker and the white space behind it. For those who also use Facebook Fixer and want to plug in the custom CSS for themselves, I’ll save you some time and post the code I used.

.fixedAux { display: none; }

.ego_wide .hasRightCol #contentArea { width: 1005px; }

You’re welcome.

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