Open Letter To a Chess Player

Dear Random Chess Player Who Just Offered Me A Draw,

I always find it amusing and a little annoying when players like you offer me a draw right after making an obviously blundering move — y’know, that one where you accidentally gave away your Queen? Or the one where you traded a couple of power pieces for trivial ones? I’m talking about that move where you basically gave away the game, just handed it over to me on a silver platter.

Seriously? Do you really think that I’m that kind of stupid to just accept a draw, right after you handed me that kind of advantage?

Uh-uh, buddy. No, I’m going to capitalize on that advantage, use it to my favor, sweep into that opening and use the opportunity to crush your defense and win the game — exactly the same way I would expect you to play were the situation reversed. I wouldn’t expect you to accept a draw offer in that situation, so it’s actually a little insulting that you think I’d be dumb enough to do the same. I know, your philosophy is that it couldn’t hurt to ask, right? Because I might be that brand of stupid. But dude. Seriously. Have you even looked at my rating? I’m not exactly a beginner here. I know when I have the advantage. I know better than to accept a draw in those situations.

No, the only time a draw offer is reasonable, in my opinion, is when it is clear — to both players — that the game is already going to result in a draw. In that case, there’s really no point in the players going through the motions just to complete the game. Offering, and accepting, a draw in that case just shortcuts the process so that the players don’t have to belabor a pointless endgame that could potentially go on for several moves. Granted, I’ve only ever seen a handful of games where it comes down to this — and most players will usually still run them all the way out, just in case the other guy makes a mistake.

So, really, it’s kind of stupid to offer me a draw right after making a stupid mistake in the game. Just man up and own your mistake. You might even be able to turn it around again. That’s all I’m sayin’.

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