This week, I played — and won — my very first game of Chess960. As I mentioned on Twitter a couple of days ago, it’s a fascinating and bizarre way to play the game.

For the uninitiated, Chess960 is also known as Fischer Random Chess and is a variant of the game created by World Champion Bobby Fischer. What’s different about it is that each player’s starting back row is randomized, playing a higher emphasis on creativity and talent than on the memorization of opening moves. Applied with a couple of additional rules, this results in 960 possible opening positions — hence the name. I’ve always struggled to play a strong opening — the middle and endgames are my strong suit — so from a beginning game perspective, Chess960 is a refreshing way to play.

I’ve included my first game below, for the curious, which involved plenty of creativity in the endgame to both avoid checkmate and to win the game. If there are any other chess players who’d like to play, head over to (or add the app on Facebook) and look me up. I always welcome new challengers.

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