In hindsight, Trista realized she probably shouldn’t have fallen asleep under that tree.

Pus dripped into Trista’s eyes from the multiple infected sores on her scalp. She wanted to wipe it away, but the tree held her fast, pinning her arms to her sides, arms she could no longer feel. Feverish and frequently delirious, Trista couldn’t struggle. She’d lost track of how long she’d been trapped here. Days? Hours? She couldn’t remember.

Her body was coming apart. She was covered in sores as the tree slowly digested her. Her skin was sloughing off in greasy sheets, exposing bone and muscle that had turned black from the tree’s corrosive sap. Strands of flesh and tissue were all that was holding her organs in and that not very well. Already thick coils of bowel stretched from her abdomen to the ground, where insects feasted on them.

In her rare moments of coherency, she longed for death. She had suffered for so long.

Her final thought was a wish – a wish that she had never ventured into this hateful forest.

[Originally posted on Ficly.]

2 thoughts on “Meat-Eater”

  1. You have a natural flair for the gruesome of which I am jealous. You make it is both fantastic and packed with description without sounding as if you were writing simply for the thrill of painting a gory scene.

    1. This may seem ironic, but I've never enjoyed overtly gory fiction, whether prose or visual media. A lot of what I've seen almost seems to do gore for the sake of gore. I much prefer the gruesomeness to highlight the greater horror of the situation rather than serve as the main event. It makes me to glad to see that I seem to consistently achieve this goal in my writing. :)

      And I just realized that I seem to have forgotten the original Ficly link when I posted it up here [appended!].

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