Thesis vs. WordPress

There’s a lot of buzz right now in the WordPress community about the fact that Chris Pearson’s does not distribute his Thesis theme for WordPress under the same GPL license under which WordPress is distributed. There was a large discussion yesterday over Twitter between Chris and Matt Mullenweg, the owner of Automattic, the company that builds and distributes WordPress. Andrew Warner got these two gentlemen together for a discussion and the video below is the result of that debate.

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I didn’t have an opinion on the topic before listening to the discussion, but after having done so, I find Chris’ argument to be specious and arrogant, and I side with Matt’s interpretation of the application of the GPL. It’s pretty clear to me that Chris is flat-out wrong on this issue. I appreciate Matt’s graciousness and patience in a difficult and confrontational situation. The cooler head prevailed.

If you’ve got an hour or so to listen to the audio, I recommend doing so, and I’d be interested to hear your take on the issue.

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