All The Many Ways Amazon So Very Failed the Weekend « Whatever

All The Many Ways Amazon So Very Failed the Weekend « Whatever. If you missed the Amazon/Macmillan pissing contest this weekend, check out this article over at John Scalzi’s website. It’ll give you a pretty good look into the petulant hissy-fit that Amazon threw over the weekend.

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  1. I quit using Amazon a few months ago. I ordered some books and evidently for one of them I somehow had ordered 2 copies rather than 1 – I'll take the blame because whether I inadvertently marked 2 or it was a glitch, I could have checked the order right before I sent it in and fixed it.

    OK, so I get my package – 3 books I ordered plus an extra copy. They're wrapped in plastic. I unwrap 'em, see I have two of one book, tuck it back in the plastic, put it in the box, go online and get my return label. I have to pay the shipping which makes sense – it was my screwup.

    My reimbursement was for half the value – apparently my removing the book from the plastic, then putting it right back in without ever even opening it meant it was not "in its original undamaged condition." Since then my online purchasing has been through B&N. Saddest is it also takes me off Abebooks which Amazon now owns – but there are other online used book options.

    They lost over a thousand dollar a year customer with that move.

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