MediaTemple (dv) and suPHP

A while back I switched my web hosting from Bluehost to MediaTemple. Basically, I needed the additional bandwidth and the ability to have full control over my server setup. MediaTemple came highly recommended, and I’ve never been sorry I switched.

The downside was that the ability to easily upgrade plugins and the core software in my various WordPress installations become a bit more rigorous. It’s a common complaint that MediaTemple server installations won’t treat users as the owners of installed files. For WordPress installations, this means that any time a site owner attempts to install new plugins or themes or update existing ones, the owner has to provide the appropriate FTP credentials.

A little research turned up suPHP as the solution. Trouble is, suPHP is a little bit of a headache to install for those not entirely comfortable with back-end installations. Fortunately, I came this how-to the other day, which details the way to go about installing suPHP on a MediaTemple (dv) server. It took me about an hour of twiddling with things to finally get it all up and running, but I finally have suPHP installed on my server, thus automating the upgrade and installation process for WordPress installations everywhere. If you’re hosted on MediaTemple (dv), I’d recommend taking a look at the tutorial.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    I am Andres Montalban, thank you very much for the ping back! I am glad that the howto did help someone.


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