Halo 3 Webcomics

I’m pleased to announce the official launch of “Halo 3 Webcomics”:http://halo3webcomics.com, a collective for other Halo 3 comics writers to share their stories. It’s my opinion that one of the biggest barriers to publishing a webcomic is affordable hosting. I’m donating space on my server for anyone who wants to publish a Halo-based webcomic to set up shop and get to work writing comics. Already, there are three comics that are either new or have transferred to Halo 3 Webcomics:

“Chaos Theory”:http://chaostheory.halo3webcomics.com

Anyone who wants to write a Halo webcomic but hasn’t been able to acquire hosting is welcome to contact me at reclaimercomic@gmail.com. In the meantime, check out the comics above and add them to your regular reading.

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