Photo Shamus

If you haven’t seen it already, I have a “photoblog”: I haven’t really pointed at it much, since up until recently I hadn’t had a ready supply of photos to post to it and the content was generally pretty stale. Fortunately, my housemate bought a nice digital SLR camera a little while back and has been gracious enough to let my wife and me borrow from time to time. Currently, I’m running a series of photographs taken on a recent trip to Louisville. Over the course of three days, I took somewhere in the vicinity of 800 pictures, and I’m posting the best of that crop to my photoblog. The photoblog is a picture a day, and there are just over 40 pictures in the archives already. I also have enough pictures queued up to post one every day until the end of the year, and I’ll be adding more to the queue over the next several days. So, if you enjoy photography, feel free to “check it out”:, and either bookmark the site or add the RSS feed to your favorite feed reader. I’d love to share my work.

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