Not Quite Right

I’ve finally realized the first of my hand-drawn comics. Constant readers of this blog may recall seeing a couple of stick-figure drawings I’ve done in the past that I titled Not Quite Right. Well, now “Not Quite Right”: has its own digs. I’m shooting for a daily update schedule at this point, targeting humor of the strange, bizarre, and twisted. My wife thinks of it as a sort of Far Side style of humor; I’m thinking it may actually fall more in line with “The Flowfield Unity”: in terms of humor style.

I still intend to publish “Starchips”:, but one thing at a time, right?

6 thoughts on “Not Quite Right”

  1. I’m liking the new comics, I need something to kick start me into drawing on a regular basis.

    What kind of scanner do you use to digitize them?

  2. re: Chris – I use an Epson Perfection 3590 Photo scanner. I actually would like to get something with a bigger bed, since I draw on 11×14 paper.

    I actually need to get back to drawing them again.

  3. re: Chris – I wish. No, I’ve been using a PC. It’s beginning to decline, though, and I’m thinking seriously about replacing it with either an iMac and a Powerbook Pro.

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