Four More Starchips Characters

I realized today I never actually got around to sharing my last batch of Starchips characters that I drew a couple of weeks back. So, today’s bonus gives you four characters, instead of just two. I also think I’m close to starting to draw actual comic strips, which means I’m looking at starting to dress out the theme for the site. So, good news! Starchips is much closer to going into actual production.

Here’s the cast:

Dr. Amanda Briggs

Dr. Amanda Briggs is the team’s resident physician. Any galaxy-traversing crew needs to have a doctor on call because let’s face it, stuff happens and people need patching up.


Jex is the team’s computer expert. There’s an unconfirmed rumor that he’s even had his brain replaced with a computer, but no one’s been able to get him to crack his skull to find out for sure.


Sketch is the pilot and general muscle of the team. While the rest of the team are general brainiacs and Sketch is of, ahem, ‘average’ intelligence, he doesn’t let that slow him down.


The jury’s still out on whether or not Marvin is a help or a hindrance. This helper ‘bot certainly has a mischievous streak.

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