My Art Studio

I spent some time yesterday clearing off my desk because I’ve added some supplies to my art cache. I’m starting to experiment and play around with drawing some new art, inking it, and scanning it into Photoshop to play with colors. Basically, I’m enjoying “Reclaimer”: as a webcomic so much that I want to try my hand at actually drawing a comic and producing it on a semi-professional level. Heck, if things work out, I might even be able to make some money at it someday.

Now, I don’t really have room in my office to make a full-fledged art studio, and frankly I don’t really have the money for that yet, either. I’ve just got a handful of new items to let me try my hand at drawing, and if it turns out I’m good at it and continue to enjoy it, then I’ll think about setting aside a little cash to continue expanding my studio.

Prior to this, I’ve had a little sketchbook, a set of drawing pencils, an artgum eraser, and a book on cartooning that I’ve been using to practice and learn. Now I also have a set of staff pens and a bottle of India ink, a larger drawing tablet, T-square and ruler, some additional 5B, HB, and non-photo blue pencils, and a couple of kneaded rubber erasers. You can also see in the second photo a copy of _How To Make Webcomics_, written by some excellent webcomic artists that you’re probably familiar with.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I toyed around with my first inking project and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the India ink dries and by how permanent it is, even with an eraser going over it. I’ve also learned a thing or three about coloring in Photoshop (thanks, Guigar, et al.!) and am looking forward to adding a few more tricks on that front to my toolkit.

Here at some point I may share a drawing or two I’ve been playing with, rough as they are. And at some point down the road, it seems somewhat likely that I’ll be launching a new webcomic. In the meantime, I’ll be practicing and refining my artwork and having fun with it.

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