Subversioning Up

Well, at long last, I finally figured out the trick to installing Subversion on my server. As such, I’m working on switching most of my WordPress installations to Subversion in order to make it _much_ easier and faster to upgrade in the future. I just switched this site to a Subversion-agreeable install, and I’m pretty sure that I copied all my custom files and directories over. But, I’ve been known to make mistakes, too, so if you notice something not working properly, do please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Subversioning Up”

  1. Dood.. I’ve got an AMAZING tool that you’ll love then.. if I can clean it up this next week I’ll fork ya over a demo. But it would require you to setup a LAMP+svn server like I have setup (or you to download & run a vmware image). It’ll eventually be an auto-everything svn web-frontend for website dev’ing.
    Oh, and please tell me you use eclipse + subclipse?

  2. re: mark – Yeah, I’ll definitely have to check it out – and you’ll have to tell me more about it. Sounds like an interesting project.

    Um, I’m not even sure what eclipse and subclipse are. I’m running Subversion 1.4.4 and use PuTTYPortable as my SSH/Shell client.

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