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Two of my favorite webcomics are “xkcd”:http://xkcd.com and “Irregular Webcomic”:http://www.irregularwebcomic.net. I’ve got quite a few webcomics plugged into Google Reader, but these two stand head and shoulders above all the others. The primary reason is because they are intelligent comics, relying on a brand of humor that appeals to the mind rather than relying on what I consider to be locker-room humor. Nearly all the webcomics I read deal with geek humor in some fashion, but only xkcd and Irregular Webcomic rely pretty exclusively on ‘smart’ punchlines. Comics like Ctrl-Alt-Del and Penny Arcade focus a lot on crude and crass topics and the main reason I keep them in my list is because of the occasional appearance of something truly witty.

Here are a couple of my favorite strips from the last couple of days:



Irregular Webcomic:


See? Smart humor. Funny without the crudity. That’s my kind of funny.

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  1. xkcd and Irregular Webcomic are two of my favorites as well. I don’t read penny-arcade very much, though I’ve been told I should. I also like Darth and Droids by Irregular Webcomic. I love Star Wars a lot, but I also really like making fun of it too :)

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