Ok, so in my Real Analysis class, we’re finally getting down into the nitty-gritty of discussing mathematical grammar for proofs. We’ve been discussing statements and their negations, converses, and contrapositives. We began with two statements:

P: I eat it.
Q: I see it.

Now, if we combine the two statements, so that P implies Q, we get:

bq. If I see it, then I eat it.


bq. I only eat it if I see it.

If we flip them so that Q implies P, we get:

bq. I eat everything I see.


bq. I only see it if I eat it.

Our professor called this his Lewis Carroll example. I loved it.

3 thoughts on “Math-erwocky”

  1. That’s from the Mad Hatter! Carroll’s books used to drive me nuts as a kid, but when I read them again as a senior math ed. major, I had so much fun that I actual bought a copy.

    I wish I’d thought of using this with my 10th graders . . .

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