Comment Graffiti

Sometimes I wish that everything was commentable – blog-style. Let’s start with the Internet. Let’s make every web page be built in such a way that you can click on any spot on the screen and write a comment. It would probably cause most web pages to look like the underside of a highway overpass or the walls of a men’s restroom, but you could build these comment fields to be collapsible so they don’t look quite so ugly.

And once we’ve conquered the Internet completely in this way, let’s move on to real life. Let’s make posters, billboards, fliers, advertisements, etc. commentable as well. Let’s use a technology that makes all these items interactive to the average passerby, allowing folks to have discussion and dialogue as they go. It’d be a little bit like the “[citation needed]”: graffiti, except much more expansive (and more acceptable).

There have been more than a few times I’ve wanted to comment on something written on a particular web page or even on a flier stuck to a bulletin board somewhere without the means to actually do so. Granted, a lot of such things end up as topics here ultimately, but I just think it would be kind of cool and fun if all of life was interactive on that level. Of course, we could all possibly simply go insane with sensory input, too.

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