Peripheral Twitter

I just can’t quite get into Twitter. I’ve got Twitterfox installed on my Firefox browser, but I don’t really use it all that much. I don’t really have the time (or window space) to keep a constant monitor on what’s being talked about. It’s much more efficient and effective for me to communicate via chat or email than it is by Twitter. It probably doesn’t help much, either, that very few of my friends use Twitter. Most of my Twitterpeeps are folks I’ve ‘met’ via the Web, and while I find some of the Tweets interesting, very few spark enough interest for me to hop into the discussion and add my two cents.

I think the idea behind Twitter has a lot of potential. The could, ideally, make it really easy for a bunch of people to engage in an ongoing discussion simply by tweeting each other back and forth. Trouble is getting enough like-minded people together to actually do so.

Still, Twitterfox is unobtrusive, so I’ll keep it right it’s at. Interesting notes and links do pop up from time to time, so that’s good, too. But it’s more of a peripheral service for me at this point. Maybe someone will add an account option to Pidgin for Twitter that will let me keep a running dialogue of tweets from folks I follow going at all times that will make it really easy to go back and see what’s been said recently.

4 thoughts on “Peripheral Twitter”

  1. I don’t see what’s so fascinating about twitter, to be honest. But lots of people do, so I’ve just written it off as a difference in internal hardwiring, mine vs. theirs.

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