7th Son Concluded

I finished up listening to 7th Son this morning on my way to work, and it was a little like what I imagine it must feel like to come down off a high. Three novels’ worth of hard-hitting, gut-wrenching action ends with a bittersweet goodbye to our heroes and a feeling of loss that says, _Oh, great. What am I supposed to listen to_ now_?_ I just wanted to keep on listening, to stay with these characters that I’ve come to love so well. J.C. has certainly done a fabulous job of weaving his tale of science fiction, horror, and intrigue, and I hope that he is successful in getting the trilogy into print. I know I’ll have a copy of the set on my bookshelf as soon as he does.

And the man is just sick in the way he doesn’t let up on you. Even in the final chapter, he doesn’t let you find complete resolution. It’s close, but not close enough. And the epilogue, of course, just leaves the lid off of _that_ can of worms ever so slightly. Leaving your foot in the door for a possible follow-up are we, J.C.? Hm? Man, that _would_ be a joyride of undoubtedly epic proportions.

If you haven’t checked out _7th Son_, then you’re missing out. Go click on the link above and start downloading and listening. Or grab J.C.’s iTunes feed from his website and pull it directly into your iPod. It’s good stuff – just like shooting up on heroin. (I’m guessing…)

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