I’ve been using Twitter for a couple of months now, but I admit that I hadn’t really gotten into much until a friend of mine (thanks, Dweezle) pointed me at a nice little Firefox addon called TwitterFox. It basically lets you read and write twitters right from your Firefox statusbar. It makes it extremely convenient and fun to use. I still don’t use it as aggressively as some of the folks I’m subscribed to but I definitely use it a lot more now.

I’m curious – does anyone else use Twitter? If so, what are your usernames? Feel free to add me to your own list; my username is stitzelj.

2 thoughts on “Twitter(Fox)”

  1. Hi there,

    I Twitter more than I thought I ever would, as tends to be the case. I am muraii on Twitter. I use TwitBin, which is a wonderful Twitter sidebar for Firefox. Actually, I don’t even use that; I usually use a Jabber client (Google Talk at work [Windows], Psi at home [Linux]), and IMified with the Twitter widget. Works nicely, give it a shot.


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