My commute to and from work every day runs somewhere between 25 and 45 minutes one way, depending on traffic, weather, and trains. The thing I’m loving about that now is that I’m able to listen to audiobooks while I drive. I now have this marvelous 160GB iPod Classic (in black), and I have several podiobooks loaded onto it. Currently, I’m working my way through J.C. Hutchins’ fantastic trilogy _7th Son_. I’ve actually been downloading it almost from the very start but haven’t been able to listen to it until now. I don’t listen to podiobooks while I’m working on the computer – too many distractions – and my previous 2GB iPod wasn’t big enough to hold my music plus an audiobook. So I waited. I knew I’d eventually get a larger iPod that could store everything, and my Transpod allows me to plug in and play while driving. It’s really quite nice.

I’ve downloaded a couple of Scott Sigler’s books, _Singularity_ by Bill Shmedt, and a couple of others. I’ll work my way through them in random order, and I’ve got plenty of books to keep me occupied on my daily commute for several weeks to come.

What podiobooks are on _your_ iPod?

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  1. A Dirty Job, Christopher Moore (an excellent audiobook, not work safe, BTW), also Stupidest Angel.

    Everything by Douglas Adams I can get my hands on.

    A few Michael Chabons.

    Right now I’m listening to The Killer Angels by M. Shaara. I read this a few years ago and am enjoying listening to it.

  2. Scott Sigler » I definitely will, Scott. And yes, I have _Earthcore_ and _Ancestor_. I missed grabbing _Infection_ from your feed, and Podiobooks doesn’t let me download files as a podcast feed, so I won’t be able to isolate it from my regular music files appropriately. I’ll grab it later, though, since I’m really curious about the cross-over eps with J.C.’s _7th Son_ novels.

  3. Im a huge Podiobooks.com fan!

    “A Different Point of View” was good, snippets/essays about the Star Wars universe as seen through the eyes of a Stormtrooper. Pretty funny.

    “Crescent” by Phil Rossi was good.

    “Brave Men Run” was good by Matthew Wayne Selznick

    My favorite was “How to Succeed in Evil, Part 1” by Patrick McLean

    Anything by Mur Lafferty, she’s got some essays up there from Geek-Fu Action Grip as well as some fiction, Heaven and the follow up Hell.

  4. Jim,

    You said:

    >Podiobooks doesn’t let me download files as a podcast feed

    Well sure we do. That’s the whole idea behind our site. Subscribe to a book and get it delivered to you over time — but on intervals that you set.

    Am I missing your meaning? I’d like to get this resolved, so if you’d rather do it off of this comment thread, that’s fine. Evo at podiobooks dot com will reach me.


  5. Evo » It probably would have helped if I had your FAQ page first. It wasn’t quite as intuitive to add podiobooks to an RSS feed as I had thought it might be (I was looking for an RSS feed directly on the page). Of course, now I don’t see _Infection_ listed on Podiobooks.com at all now.

    Oh, and I grabbed _Ancestor_ and _Earthcore_ directly from their iTunes feeds.

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