Photoshop Portable

You know what I wish for? A way to make Photoshop portable, aside from buying a laptop and installing the software on there.

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  1. You know, that would be neat for all those who don’t find PS complicated. PortableApps does have a portable Gimp, which could be a good substitute. I’ve got it on my Lexar Secure II and it survived the washer and the dryer!

  2. Michael Natale » I’ve used U3 and found it unwieldy. That MojoPac looks promising, however. I’ll have to check that one out.

    MrCorey » I actually have most of the PortableApps Suite installed on my flash drive already. Thing of it is, though, I really don’t like GIMP. Photoshop is far more user-friendly. I usually only use GIMP as a last resort. I especially don’t like the way GIMP handles layers.

  3. There is an Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended portable (USB version). I have the version on a 2GB U3 stick.

    What is Portable?

    Portable means that this is a smaller version, with the same features and everything, that is so small that can fit your USB stick.

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