Favorite Future Technology

Here’s a poll for your Thursday:

If you could pick any technology of the future to adopt right now (assuming, of course, such a thing was possible), what would you choose?

For me, I’ve always loved the notion of neural implants, particularly the neural nanonics in Peter F. Hamilton’s _Emberverse_ series. The idea of having a computer embedded right into my brain so that I could do everything I love to do so much more quickly and easily just makes me giddy with delight.

What would _you_ choose?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Future Technology”

  1. Transporters are a must. If I could get to Ohio, Indiana or Virginia in an instant, that would be sweet! I bet they’d charge an arm and a leg for it. Ha ha. I think I just made a pun!

    Automatic sliding doors on every door of ever room of every building would be sweet. Not the lame ones at Walmart that open when you don’t want them to and take like 5 seconds to open when you do.

    Oh and elevators that accept voice input so I don’t have to push a button. Yes I’m THAT lazy.

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