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Xbox 360 EliteWell, my 360 died this past Sunday. No red ring, just a disc drive that stopped working. Basically, it would play a video or game for about 15-20 minutes, then the whole console would reboot, and the disc drive would no longer open or read discs, unless you turned it off for a couple of hours and then fired it back up. At least then, you could retrieve the disc trapped inside before the drive decided to die again.

This is a story of how much I love shopping with Best Buy. Rather than wait to have a box shipped to me from Microsoft, just so I could then wait another handful of weeks for them to ship me a repaired or new one back, I just took out my 2-year service warranty and took my console back to Best Buy. After chatting with a member of their Geek Squad for a moment and verifying that, yes, I could upgrade from a 360 to an Elite, I walked back and grabbed myself one of the black boxes. And then, after paying the difference between the 360 and the Elite, I walked out of the store the proud owner of a brand spanking new Xbox 360 Elite!

My wife even liked the color. Me, I’m just thrilled to have the 120GB HDD.

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  1. Congrats from a fellow Elite owner. I truly enjoy mine. Been playing Stranglehold. BTW, the chatpad is quite useful if you hate typing on the 360. Got one yesterday and I love it.

  2. I’m definitely enjoying the Elite. And I’ve had my eye on the messenger kit. I just haven’t found a store around here that carries it in stock yet.

  3. I got mine at Fry’s, if you have those near you. They’re also on Amazon. MS seems to be doing a poor job of stocking and advertising this thing. It had a lot of buzz when images were first released, and when I got mine a lot of people were surprised to hear it was out — people don’t even know!

    Though I did see an ad on Live.

  4. I didn’t – they just transferred my warranty over to the new system – pro-rated, no less. That basically means that I got a Best Buy gift card for $47 and change. I made out on this deal.

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