Navigationally Speaking

I’ve been working on my navigation menus throughout the day today, in the few spare moments I get in between tasks. On my blog here, I’ve finally moved the entirety of my navigation menu up the menubar where it belongs. I’ve also finally added in the global navigation bits for my “photoblog”:, “archive”:, and “Flashes of Speculation”: into the photoblog. I’ll be adding them in the both the archive and into FoS soon, but I may be reworking both of those themes, so I’ll wait until that’s been finalized.

I also finally changed the theme on my photoblog to one that’s easier on the eyes and easier to use for posting up new photos. I love the one that’s currently on the front page there. It’s one of the first new pictures I’ve taken with our new Polaroid digital camera, and I’m very pleased with the quality of the pictures (when I’m not taking photos that are blurry).

I think I’ve also settled on my blog, forum, photoblog, archive, and flash fiction site as the five modules that make up the entirety of Shamus Writes. I have a lot more installations of WordPress on my server, but most have either become obsolete or belong to friends and family members. I’ve also started to really use my Flickr site and incorporated it into my gallery here as an easy way to maintain those photosets online. I was originally going to host my image gallery on my own server but since at least one of the image sets is going to get posted in two different locations, I decided it was easier to upload them just one time on Flickr and then simply pull them into both WordPress installations with the use of one simple plugin. Saves me a little extra time and effort in the longrun and takes some of the load off my server.

So feel free to walk around the site a little more, now that the paths are a little freer of weeds. It’ll get better once I design the new them for FoS and the archives, but I’m really quite pleased with the way things are shaping up.

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