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Ok, it’s official – I’m a podcast junkie.

I’ve always enjoyed talk radio – but only when I’m driving somewhere. Talk radio keeps my mind engaged in something, which is especially useful for when I’m feeling tired because it helps me stay awake. I also just simply enjoy hearing other people’s opinions about topics I care about, getting different perspectives on various issues.

Books on tape are fun, as well – or, in this case, books on iPod. For that matter, recorded readings of speculative fiction are appealing. For instance, I’ve added Cory Doctorow’s (semi-?)weekly podcast to my listings, though he’s not currently reading his own work. I’ve also had Imagination-X on my iPod (and that’s one I still have figured out the broadcast schedule on yet).

I love these podcasts, and I really enjoy listening to them as I drive to and from work. Probably the best thing about it is the fact that I can get ‘talk radio’ anytime I want it, and it will always be on topics and subjects that I actually care about. I don’t have room for all them on my iPod currently. In fact, I keep having to delete old podcasts I’ve already listened to in order to make room for current ones. But since I’m planning on grabbing the 160GB iPod Classic soon, I’m getting things queued up, especially a couple of podcast novels, in preparation for that.

Here’s my current podcast list, all of which can be located right from iTunes:

* Cory Doctorow
* Imagination-X
* 7th Son
* WordPress Podcast
* Bungie Podcast
* Spider on the Web (Spider Robinson)

I have Cory Doctorow, WordPress, and Bungie on my iPod right now. The rest will be added later when I actually have room for them.

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