WordPress Theme: BlueSands

BlueSands for WordPress is finally ready for release. It’s a 3-column, widget-ready theme with a fluid width main content area and is built on the famous “Sandbox”:http://plaintxt.org/themes/sandbox theme. As a result, BlueSands has much of the powerful markup that Sandbox has become known for, including special classes for preformatted text, code, and definition lists.

BlueSands also provides support for the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin. Once WordPress 2.3 with the UTW tag importer is released, I’ll update this theme to replace the UTW sections with the native WordPress tagging system.

BlueSands represents about 20-25 hours worth of work, about two-thirds of that simply troubleshooting a couple of unfamiliar Sandbox elements. I’m very pleased with the final result, which receives a fair bit of inspiration from the “Navigation”:http://www.gpsgazette.com/navigation-wp-theme/ theme, which I’ve always loved. BlueSands uses the colors from the WordPress dashboard to create a clean, crisp look with a minimal design.

Since I also use and love “bbPress”:http://bbpress.org, I’ll be making a version of BlueSands for bbPress soon, as well. Once it’s ready, it will be available for download from the BlueSands page, along with the WordPress version, both individually and bundled together.


You can check out the “full demo”:http://demos.shamuswrites.com/bluesands or download the theme from its “home page”:http://shamuswrites.com/downloads/bluesands-wordpress-theme/. Bug reports, problems, or questions about BlueSands should be directed to my “support forum”:http://forum.shamuswrites.com/forum/support.

BlueSands is released under a “GNU General Public License”:http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.

18 thoughts on “WordPress Theme: BlueSands”

  1. Thanks, fellas. I’m glad you like it. Enjoy! And if you feel so led, feel free to come back here and post a link to whatever site(s) you’re using it on. I’d love to see it in action in other places. :)

  2. Thanks, angel. This is the sort of thing I do for fun around here. :)

    I agree, MJ. bbPress is definitely shy on good themes, but then again, it’s still gaining popularity as forum software.

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