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Bluesands Stats

I’ve got to say that my site’s stats from yesterday alone make my numbers from the rest of the month look paltry by comparison – nearly 1000 hits yesterday, mostly directed at my BlueSands WordPress theme. The next closest day this month is around 140 hits. Quite the margin of difference. Of course, it helps that I also made sure to add BlueSands to the “Weblog Tools Collection”: write-up for yesterday, which always sees a lot of traffic.

It’s also a little more than twice the number of hits my site received when I released the Navigation theme for bbPress, which isn’t all that surprising, considering that WordPress is still, at this moment, more popular than bbPress.

3 thoughts on “BlueSands Numbers”

  1. Hey Jim,

    I tried to find a contact page so i could send you a email about a design resource i ran across today. i couldnt find it and i thought it was because i wasnt registered or something. So i looked around trying to register but couldnt find the link for that either.

  2. Well, I had problems with the Contact plugin I was using. I just switched to a new one that seems to work just fine. And there’s no hidden content just for registered users on this site. I don’t allow readers to register here, so everything I publish is public to everyone.

  3. I figured so. That is the way i have mine setup. I find that most users find it annoying to have to register just to comment on something. :p

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