One of the advantages of being flat on one’s back is I’ve had time to do a little WordPress theme design the last couple of days. I volunteered to host and build a new website for my parents’ church – the one they had before was, quite frankly, a ghastly design and layout and difficult to update and maintain. So, I moved their site to a WordPress installation on my server, and then set about modifying the “Sandbox”: theme to my liking. I started out with something very “plain and basic”: – no frills, just the basic elements in place – and ended up with something “a bit nicer looking”:

I don’t know if I’ll release this theme publicly or not. I’d have to clean up a couple of the files a bit, since I added some custom coding to make a couple of the plugins work correctly. But it might be worth it.

Author: Jim Stitzel

Jim cultivates interests in a variety of areas. He is an avid storyteller, specializing in (dark) speculative fiction and webcomics. He is also a professional code wrangler and dabbles in amateur photography. He and his wife are first-generation farmers who run a 40-acre farm in central Indiana, where they raise horses, goats, chickens, bees, farm-fresh vegetables, and fruit trees.

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