Delivery Woes

Well, I’m a little bummed because I was eagerly anticipating being able to get my hands on the final installment of Harry Potter today and ravenously devouring it whole before nightfall. Unfortunately, due to a little problem with delivery (i.e. the UPS guy not leaving the package on the porch the way they usually do when there’s no answer at the door), I now have to wait until Monday to read it. This isn’t really _that_ big of a deal – unlike some people, I know how to delay gratification – but I was kind of looking forward to sinking my teeth into the book a little sooner than that. So, in the meantime, no spoilers, please, from those of who who’ve already read it

2 thoughts on “Delivery Woes”

  1. Harry and Hermione die.

    Just kidding. I have no idea what happens, and it’ll be some time before I find out. My husband is going to read it first, so I’ll probably find out before I read it, so..oh well. Spoilers don’t really spoil things for me that much. I like seeing how things lead up to it, and looking for foreshadowing is fun, too!

  2. Well, I’ll be picking up my copy from the post office in about two hours, then I’ll delve in. I’ve been looking forward to this for months now (hence the pre-order on February 1, when it first became available).

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