‘Back’ to Gaming

Being flat on one’s back for an entire week has its advantages. For instance, I’ve finally gotten to learn and play a game that I’ve heard a number of people talk about – _Catan_ – on my Xbox 360. It’s pretty easy to learn, and either I’m a fast case study or I’ve just gotten quite lucky, but I managed to beat the Moderate-level AI on just the fifth game I’d ever played. And it wasn’t a small win, either – I won the game with a 6-point lead over all the other AI players. Of course, the first time I’d played the AI on that level, I was the one who got blown out of the water, having only earned 3 victory points by the time the game came to an end.

I’ve also gotten a chance to play some Texas Hold ’em and done fairly well at the game. That one definitely takes some learning to figure out the nuances of knowing when to play and when to fold. But it’s fun when the cash is fake. I don’t know that I’d enjoy overmuch if I was putting real money down on the table.

Now, I’m still flat on my back – pinched sciatic nerve – and unfortunately the recovery process is taking longer than it probably should, so I’ll probably be on my back for another two or three days. But I have my laptop and my 360 close at hand, so I think I’m set for a bit yet.

4 thoughts on “‘Back’ to Gaming”

  1. Catan is really quite fun, once you start to figure out how things work. There’s a lot of strategy to it.

    Feel free to shoot me a friend request sometime – TTL Demag0gue (and that’s a zero, not an ‘O’ there). I’d love to hook up and play Catan with you sometime.

  2. Texas Hold ‘Em, to keep it friendly, is fun with something like a $5 pot (or whatever your group decides is expendable and fun) that everyone throws into at the beginning of the night. You play for a set amount of time, and the person with the most chips at that time wins the pot.

    Hope you’re up and about soon.

  3. Thanks, Jean – I’m getting there. I’m going for an MRI a little later this week to see if they can figure out what the problem is. Here’s hoping…

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