See-Through MySpace

I’ve done it again, much to my chagrin. I’ve set up another “MySpace account”: I wouldn’t have done it, but frankly, right now it’s the only way for me to re-establish some semblance of contact with a few of my high school classmates. Oh, the things I do for my friends…

In the process, though, I’ve discovered yet _another_ terrible layout idea – opacity. Specifically, making just about everything on the page opaque just so that the background design can be seen. It’s obvious that those who employ this particular technique know nothing about web page design. Opacity _can_ be a good technique – when used in moderation. Making an entire page opaque, however, is a very bad idea because it makes everything super-difficult to read. And I’m not one of those ultra-patient folks who will labor through it just to find out what’s new.

Oy, MySpace is _still_ evil. But in this case, I have good reason to live with it – at least for the time being.

3 thoughts on “See-Through MySpace”

  1. Hah, yeah. I’ve always hated MySpace because the absolute worst design offenders are always MySpace profiles. The loose and hacky system seems to promote user awfulness.

  2. No, I meant opacity. Opacity and transparency are actually opposites on the continuum. Something that is 90% transparent is 10% opaque. :)

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