iPhone Idiocy

I can’t wait until iPhone releases later today. And then, I can’t wait for a couple of weeks to go by. Frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing about the thing. I mean, I like Apple products well enough and all, and the iPhone does look really cool, but it does seem a bit ridiculous to me just how orgasmic everyone seems to be over something that hasn’t even been released yet and that, very likely, will have a number of bugs and glitches that need to be worked out of the system.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Idiocy”

  1. I am a “switcher”. Its going on 6 yrs now that I converted all my personal computers to Macs and haven’t looked back.

    The type of orgasmic hype you describe above does get annoying at times. I make my living building and fixing large networks comprised of mostly *nix and Windows boxes. I’ve been at this for nearly 13 yrs.

    Most of my friends and relatives ask me for computer advice and at least seem to respect what I do for a living enough to consider me a reliable source for technical information.

    Still, whenever I start to talk in a non-drooling, non-glassy eyed fashion about why I think the Mac platform is a better one than Windows, they all give me The Look and stop listening.

    The Look can best be described as the same one you might give to a relative or a friend whose kid claims to have been abducted by aliens, joined a cult or become a professional salesperson.

    Oh you poor dear, it says. They got you too.

  2. I’m familiar with The Look. I get it from my wife every time I talk about playing Halo. :)

    In this case, though, it just kind of bugs me that fully half of news on sites like Gizmodo and Engadget is about the iPhone. Of course, they make their money about what’s hot right now, so to some extent it’s driven by their readership. But it still kind of annoys me just how much hype a _gadget_ can get. I’ve never stood in line for days for anything, nor do I ever intend to do so. That, to me, just bespeaks idiocy and a waste of time and energies best directed at more important things. iPhone will be around for a while, I expect. Being one of the first people on the planet to hold one just isn’t all that important.

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