I try very hard to _not_ pay attention to the world of politics, but seriously – the worst presidency ever? Even the second worst presidency ever? C’mon – I don’t buy that.

4 thoughts on “Failure?”

  1. “Your agenda is evil. Mine is naturally good. Your president is the worst ever, if it’d gone my way things would be peachy.”

    It should be obvious that politics are way more complicated than people like to pretend. They always paint it in a way that if their candidate had won, everything would be perfect.

    Naive idealism at best.

  2. I, for one, find it very difficult to believe that either Kerry or Gore would have been a better alternative to Bush, no what mistakes or ‘evil agendas’ our current President has had. I just tire of all the slander that goes around, hence the reason I’ve almost completely withdrawn from the political scene. I just can’t take any more of the 3-year-olds fighting over candy.

  3. You’re right. They wouldn’t have been better.

    I want instant runoff voting and more 3rd party support. I’m about ready to fire Demmies and Repubs alike and force them to retire from politics completly. Bring people in who just want to get things done, and aren’t engaged in a constant battle with one another.

    “You’re fired!” – Wouldn’t it be fun to say/do?

    I guarantee if a 3rd party ever became a serious threat to them, they’d act like best buddies, band together, and fight to crush any ‘alternatives.’

    I’m convinced they’re only in it for their own power and the power of their parties, and there are too many conflicts of interest at stake for them to even properly do their jobs.

    And that’s just what it is — a job.

    Fire them all.

  4. I’m with you on firing both parties. Personally, if I had my way, I’d clear every office out, evict all the career politicians and start fresh with honest, intelligent folk who actually have the welfare of the populace set as their priority. I’ve long since gotten tired of these politicians whose only concern is how to stay in office longer so they can keep their nice, cushy jobs and a better paycheck than most of us will ever see in a lifetime. I wonder if they’d work harder and more honestly if they got paid less to do what they’ve supposedly been elected to do.

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