Download Again

I am well pleased. I’ve heard horror stories about people who have had to exchange their Xbox 360 consoles, and then had to spend several hours on the phone with Xbox customer service trying to convince them that they should be allowed to keep the Xbox Live Arcade games they’d purchased and download them to their new console. So, either theirs were unusual technical problems or Microsoft has changed their policies because I went to download Aegis Wing again last night, since I knew it was a free download, only to discover that it already had the checkmark next to it that says I’d already downloaded it. Sure enough, when I selected it, I was asked if I wanted to download it _again_. Checking the other three arcade games I’d purchased previously revealed that they _also_ simply asked to be downloaded again – I didn’t have to purchase any of them a second time. Sure, I have to play through them again to regain my saved progress from before, but that’s a small price to pay when getting all my games back costs me not one penny out-of-pocket.

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