In order to do my job properly for “WLTC”:, I keep my ear to the WordPress ground for news about new themes and plugins. Much of this news comes into Google Reader from a couple of news feeds I subscribe to. I found an interesting one this morning that I had to chuckle about just a little – it’s a slightly different take on feed scraping. The blog entry I found pointed at one of the plugins in today’s writeup – and used my words verbatim. Granted, the guy added a couple more lines of explanation afterwards, so he at least had the decency to not completely plagiarize, but I had to laugh. And I don’t actually have a problem with his copy-pasting my words into his own entry, since I often just copy-paste what the plugin authors write themselves when they post their plugins into the various directories around the web (though I do often make minor edits to correct for spelling and grammar errors and to generally make the announcements much more readable). Mostly, I just thought it was interesting and amusing.

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