Beta Withdrawal?

So, the Halo 3 Beta is officially over now, and those of us blessed to partake of the fun must now make our way despondently back to the killing fields of Halo 2 until September. The Beta was fun while it lasted, and I really look forward to seeing the final product in a couple of months.

I still plan to finish up my write-ups of Beta – I just haven’t much time, energy, or opportunity to write the last couple of weeks. The biggest thing I noticed about the Beta was how much I actually enjoyed the team games. In Halo 2 I’ve always felt like a dead weight to whatever team I’m a part of. My K-D rate is usually abysmal, and my overall performance is generally so poor that I feel like the team would do better without me than with. In the Beta, however, all that changed. I think it was partly due to more balanced weaponry along with the fact that everyone was new to the game, but in most matches, I usually came in at least near the middle and often near the top in terms of overall performance. I found myself greatly enjoying the team games and looking forward to dusting a few opponents as part of a unit. It probably also helps that communication is limited to your own team until the post-game lobby, which makes it that much easy to avoid all the Timmies.

More to come on the Beta test period…

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