I just want to be clear – I don’t do memes. I don’t have anything against those of you who do them yourselves (some of you voraciously so). I just have no interest in them. Never really have. For one thing, I find them to be wearisomely boring, and for another, I find them to be terribly uncreative and impersonal. I generally prefer to learn about folks by actually spending time in one-on-one communication with them, rather than through a bit of question-and-answer that goes around and around and around. Oh, and that’s another thing – I tend to rebel against fads. Memes are, by definition, fads. Usually very short-lived fads, but fads nonetheless. If it’s something that everyone’s doing, then I don’t usually want to partake. It’s that whole creativity thing again, I think.

I realize I’ve been tagged several times over the last few weeks by various people with various memes and dubious honors – and I appreciate your thinking of me. I really do. But I thought you might appreciate an explanation of why your ‘tags’ have seemed to go ignored. They kind of have. I like to generate content here that I would hope that my readers will appreciate and find to be interesting and original. I’ve visited blogs where the owner does nothing but memes – and I quickly click through because I find them altogether droll and uninteresting. And I figure that if _I_ get that bored with memes, there are probably plenty of others who do, too.

So no offense and I cry your pardon, but memes are just not for me. If you want to, though, I do take requests for articles and essays, if anyone so chooses to volunteer a topic or question. _Those_ I’m more than happy to jump on and draft some thoughts on for your reading pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Meme-Me-Not”

  1. I agree for the most part. Some somewhat amuse me, like “Chuck Norris” jokes and “Van Desil facts” but even those wears off fairly quickly,

    Don’t even get me started about O’really owls and emote a cats… (RANTS)

  2. Well, those wouldn’t really be memes. Memes are those things that go around from blog to blog, like “8 little known facts about me” that you complete and then ‘tag’ five other people to complete about themselves, as well. The Chuck Norris and Vin Diesel and owls/cats things are simply jokes and humorous items.

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